As more employees are working remotely, a consistent and secure connectivity is critical to maintain productivity. A 4G CPE or a WiFi access point with automatic failover mechanism using 4G is preferred by many operators for this purpose.

Ensuring the different real applications with multiple QoS requirements perform as expected over LTE backhaul is now a business critical requirement. 

4G CPE Testing

How Do You Address Challenges?

WiCheck can help test the end-to-end system using real applications and measure the end user experience. When it comes to employee productivity you need to be sure.

Multiple QoS applications

Check how the 4G backhaul handles traffics with different QoS requirements

Scale test

The system should still work if a large number of users move to 4G due to a fiber disconnect


Test the DPI algorithms using real traffics

Field / deployment tests

Test in the field before deployment and after each upgrade to the system

Soak test

Reproduce the typical traffic conditions in a 4G connected home or office. Repeat the test under different client loads and different durations

Reproduce issues reported in the field

Alethea’s SWAT WiCheck product line helps you validate the user experience at scale. A web based, well designed UI makes it easy for you to use, while the architecture ensures a smooth integration with existing test topologies, systems and frameworks. The simple licensing model we offer makes it easy to acquire. And of course, not to forget the comprehensive feature set. You need a partner who can work with you to address your unique test requirements, without breaking the bank.