Wi-Fi 6 Interop & Scale Tests

As a new technology, Wi-Fi 6 needs extensive interoperability & scale tests. With more & more devices supporting Wi-Fi 6, this challenge is significant. Real-world scenarios also need a scale of 10s to 100s of clients connected to a network. It is a pain to manage anything more than 20 real devices manually. To configure, coordinate, maintain, execute, collect data, and generate reports from scenarios involving 100s of clients is next to impossible if you attempt to do it manually. WiCheck 6 ATF automates all this for you and lets you run your tests at the click of a button. Now you are free to focus more on running tests and perfecting your Wi-Fi 6 product.

What do you want to test?

We cover everything that you want to test and ensure superior end user experience

Real Applications

Video, Voice, Browsing, Conference calls


Simple / advanced roaming including Band steering

Load Balancing

Load balance, optimize client connections by capabilities 


Test mesh capabilities, connection rates and throughputs


Validate performance by OS, chipset and technology


Check interop, mixed OS, mixed mode and mixed use profiles


Run long term, high density, high utilization scenarios

Network Behavior

DPI, client recognition , connect rates, security


Variety of Devices

Interwork with different types of real devices (Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, Linux and IoT devices) with ease. Can work with and without a dedicated wired network for test coordination


Coordinated testing

A single interface allows real clients testing to be integrated with Alethea’s scale test topology. Deploy 100+ real devices along with 1000+ emulated clients to address all testing in one go


Fully Automated

All devices fully coordinated to execute complex multi-client scenarios at the click of a button. Collect logs from all devices, analyse and generate the reports without any manual effort

Ease of Use

Simple, intuitive and easy to use UI helps a new user to start testing within a few minutes. Complex scenarios can be scripted with ease. Built in reports increase efficiency manifold

Variety of Applications

Run one or more applications on each device to test real world user experience at scale. Supports popular applications such as Youtube, Browsing, VoIP & performance test tools like iperf and ping

Easy Integration

SWAT WiCheck 6 and WiCheck 6 ATF can be easily integrated with existing test frameworks. Export data including packet captures from WiCheck 6 solutions for further analysis

What Do You Get?



Stable & scalable solution that reduces the time and effort of your team to run the tests


Extended capabilities, low training effort, cutting edge features that increases the ROI


Adapt tool to workflow. Add support for features that make your product unique

Real Scenarios

Recreate real world scenarios in the lab with 100s of different devices with no effort

SWAT Professional Services

Alethea’s products come along with a diverse options of customization. The variety of potential use cases requires a very specialized services supported by on-ground experience and SWAT professional services address these.

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