Focus on optimizing Wi-Fi 6

As you roll out your first products supporting Wi-Fi 6, there is a lot of extra testing you will need to do that are totally focused on the technology and its specific features. WiCheck LinA is designed to let you start small and scale as you go for a few Wi-Fi 6 clients to a full complement of 37. With built in sniffer, OFDMA specific reports and a roadmap that will support different chipset interop, WiCheck LinA complements the emulated clients scale test and real client orchestration WiCheck 6 platform already offers you

What do you want to test?

LinA along with WiCheck 6 RH Covers all Wi-Fi 6 specific test cases at scale

OFDMA testing

TR 398 Issue 2 (Roadmap)

Band Steering



OFDMA Sniffing

Mesh Testing

Mixed mode clients


Focus on OFDMA

Understand your OFDMA implementation with a single click. With sniffers, analysis and reports optimized for OFDMA testing, LinA is your entry to OFDMA testing


Complement Scale Testing

WiCheck LinA is part of the WiCheck 6 platform and allows you to test OFDMA capability as part of a scale environment as well as a mixed client environment


Linear Scaling

Your initial OFDMA test requirement may be 8 clients, your final requirement may be 74. With LinA, you can add units as you go and scale up to meet your needs

Complete WiCheck Features

LinA comes with the full complement of WiCheck features – real applications, group concept, built in test cases and reports, and the easiest UI in the industry

Cost Effective

WiCheck LinA provides you significant Value For Money when it comes to dedicated OFDMA testing. For existing WiCheck 6 customers, cost of upgrade is minimal

Active Roadmap

With new applications, features, test cases and reports added to LinA in each release, you will not need to wait long to test every feature you roll on your product

Value Proposition of WiCheck 6 LinA

Wi-Fi 6 is all about efficiency & better speeds and providing speed to multiple users simultaneously using the features like OFDMA UL and DL, MU-MIMO, TWT & more. Leverage Alethea’s WiCheck 6 LinA to test your Wi-Fi 6 products with real life scenarios, at scale. 


User Friendly

Comes with same easy to use GUI as other WiCheck line of products. 


Built in automation framework & test cases with no additional license

Value Added Features

OFDMA, MU-MIMO, Band steering, Load balancing & more can be tested

Tests for the Real World

Runs real applications to recreate real world traffic

SWAT Professional Services

Alethea’s products come along with diverse options of customization. The variety of potential use cases requires very specialized services supported by on-ground experience and SWAT professional services address these.

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