WiCheck for OEM/ODMs

Extreme Wi-Fi scale testing

Exceed Deployment Expectations with WiCheck for Access Points

Access Point OEM/ODMs face the challenge of adapting to ever-evolving standards and rapid technology advancements. Development teams craft diverse Access Point models, catering to varying ranges, scales, and feature sets at different price levels. The QA Teams bear the responsibility of ensuring these models perform as expected.


The Challenge

Diverse use cases across different models demand varied levels of feature set optimization during deployment, posing a significant challenge.


The Crucial Role of Wi-Fi Testing

Targeted Wi-Fi testing plays a crucial role in perfecting each model for its specific deployment use case. This ensures optimal performance aligned with varied requirements. WiCheck guarantees the peak functionality of Wi-Fi Access Points through meticulous field scenario testing in our labs. It keeps you abreast of technology trends, offering comprehensive coverage for Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, and Wi-Fi 7. Our proactive approach directly addresses deployment challenges and optimizes performance and reliability, catering to the diverse needs of different Access Point types.


 Enterprise AP

  • Wi-Fi 7 Testing: Test Advanced Wi-Fi 7 features – Multi-Link Operations (MLO) MLSR, MLMR, e-MLSR, 320 MHz, 4096 QAM, Preamble Puncturing, OFDMA and Roaming.
  • Scalability: Real-scale testing ensures promised scalability.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Testing across supported security types.
  • High-Quality Conference Call Connectivity: Supporting hundreds of simultaneous Zoom & MS Teams calls. Get VoIP call MOS and much more.


Mesh APs

  • Mesh Backhaul: Testing range and throughput of backhaul links between 2 Mesh Routers.
  • Client Fronthaul: Real-capacity, throughput, and range testing between clients and mesh APs, utilizing multiple real clients like iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Windows Laptops connected to multiple mesh routers.
  • Enhanced Roaming Performance: Real client-based testing for roaming between 2 mesh Wi-Fi nodes, measuring roaming delay to evaluate user experience using devices like iPhone and Android.

Home APs

  • Mixed Quality of Service (QoS): Supporting varied traffic mixes and effective higher QoS prioritization.
  • Stress & Stability: Stress testing for prolonged stability under peak load conditions.
  • Smooth Video Streaming Experience: Real-world performance testing with applications like YouTube, ensuring top quality for OTT content such as Netflix.
  • Wi-Fi 7 Peak Throughput: Measure peak Multi-Link Operation (MLO) and non-MLO throughput at 320 MHz and 4096 QAM.


Outdoor APs

  • Rate vs Range: Measuring data rates to determine the Access Point’s range.
  • Seamless Scalability: Rigorous performance testing under heavy loads, including scenarios with 1000+ clients.
  • Real Client Interoperability Assurance: Addressing interoperability challenges across popular devices like Android/iOS phones, tablets, Windows/Linux laptops, and MacBooks.

WiCheck guarantees fulfillment of specific functionalities for each Access Point type, preempting potential issues and ensuring peak performance in diverse environments.

Enterprise APs

Mesh APs

Home APs

Outdoor APs