Test Wi-Fi Anywhere & Everywhere

Rolling out a world class Wi-Fi solution within schedule and budget needs testing to be planned into every stage from development to deployment. You need a test solution that meets the requirements of a developer and the field engineer. SWAT WiCheck Lite gives you the features, stability, performance and flexibility to cover sanity tests on the developers’ table to scale and performance tests in a coffee shop deployment

What do you want to test?

We cover everything that you want to test and ensure superior end user experience

Real Application

Triple play, Gaming, Video Conferencing, Social Media

TR 398

Complete TR398 tests with ability to edit scenarios for specifics

RFC 2544

Includes RFC 2544 specific set of tests to measure and report the performance

Mesh Test

Customized mesh test solution addressing functionality 


Simple and advanced roaming scenarios with metrics

Rate Vs Range

Complete solution for RvR testing. Ability to test OTA or in Chamber


Validate performance in the lab or in the field under real world conditions


Run long duration tests and ensure the functionality all the time


Small & mobile

SWAT WiCheck Lite is a 15cm x 15cm (6″ x 6″) box with all capabilities you need on board. The size and features make it ideal for use cases where you are short on space (like in a shielded box) or where you need to take the test equipment around (like on an aircraft)

Fit for the desk

Small size, ease of use, zero noise, extensive features and ready to use test cases make this the ideal test tool for developers. Users can pretty much plug the box in and start running tests. It is as good as having 32 phones on your desk to test with

Rugged build

WiCheck Lite has industrial grade build which makes it perfect for tough operating conditions. Tested for up to 2500 hours of continuous use, deploy all your 32 users and a host of clients & scenarios anywhere for extended tests

Flexible use cases

SWAT WiCheck Lite is one of the most versatile test solutions on account of its size, features, and price. Use ir for field tests, developer tests – including functionality & performance, mesh tests, & sanity checks. All this at a very reasonable price point

Full features

Don’t let the form factor and wattage fool you. WiCheck Lite supports all the key features of interest any test bed. With the same UI and scripting interfaces as the more powerful versions, Lite is a good starting point to the WiCheck product line

Powered by POE+

WiCheck Lite can be powered by PoE+ (802.11at) making it ideal to test both for the indoor testing and outdoor deployment testing

Value Proposition of Lite


MESH – Network Tests

Test performance, stability, scalability of multi node solutions. Why approximate your tests when you can match the real world?

Deployment Testing

Test distributed loads across entire deployed networks. Are you sure whether your committed SLAs can be achieved or not?

Developer Testing

Space, price, scale and features are constant hurdles. What if you can test features, big fixes and changes on your desk before you integrate?

Public Network SLAs

How will the network stand up when 100s of users fill an auditorium or conference room? Test with our WiCheck Lite and understand the performance in the real world 

SWAT Professional Services

Alethea’s product come along with diverse customization options. Optimizations for the variety of potential use cases and applications will benefit from a specialized team with extensive on-ground experience. SWAT Professional Services addresses this need

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