User Experience Testing in a Box

“A poor Wi-Fi connection is as common as the presence of a Wi-Fi connection.”
Here’s your chance to lead the game. When you want to ensure the scalability, stability, real world performance and functionality of your Access Point, no test tool comes close to SWAT WiCheck V0200 in its versatility, coverage and ease of use. You can easily model user profiles seen at home, office or a public space and verify your Access Point’s ability to manage what it will face in the field

What do you want to test?

We cover everything that you want to test and ensure superior end user experience

Real Application

Triple play, Gaming, Video Conferencing, Social Media


Test connection stability and performance with different client loads

RFC 2544

Includes RFC 2544 specific set of tests to measure and report the performance


Test every security option from Open to WPA3 Enterprise & captive portal


Simple and advanced roaming scenarios with metrics

Rate Vs Range

Complete solution for RvR testing. Ability to test OTA or in Chamber


Validate under real world usage sceanrios with real apps & scale


Check the stability of the system under different loads up to 1000 hours



Whether your access point is designed to take 30 connections or 300, WiCheck has you covered. Each box can generate up to 320 clients over 2 cards, with each client capable of generating multiple real traffic streams Scale up to 130,000 data streams from a single system

Real Users

Inject a dose of reality into your tests with SWAT WiCheck V0200. Each emulated client behaves quite similar to real devices or users – remain connected indefinitely while running multiple applications. Nothing brings out real user experience better than WiCheck

Full Control

WiCheck V0200 lets you control every relevant MAC level parameter. It helps understand the impact of client capabilities on the infrastructure and the end user experience. Validate the latest capabilities at scale and ensure that the stability of your product is sustained


WiCheck supports all commonly used security options from Open to WPA2 and WPA3 Enterprise. Measure the performance with different authentication mechanisms at scale and benchmark security & availability with just a few clicks.

User Friendly

Browser-based UI, easy navigation, and simple workflow make WiCheck the easiest product to use in its category. Every feature on the tool is accessible with a maximum of 3 clicks. For a WiFi test engineer, the ramp up time could be as short as a couple of hours

Real Applications

Life in the office depends on a whole lot of applications that reside in the internet – youtube, skype, facebook, linkedin & dropbox are as much part of corporate life as outlook mail. WiCheck lets you focus your testing on the user experience rather than just see how it handles a canned data stream.

What Do You Get?


Peace of Mind

Buy box, start testing. No licenses, no dependencies, no hidden costs.

High ROI

Immediate productivity, low training effort, cutting edge features.


Adapt tool to workflow. Add support for features that make your product unique.

Unique Scenarios

Real world WiFi models in the lab – home, office, public space or even aircraft

SWAT Professional Services

Alethea’s product comes with diverse customization options. Call us to understand how how we can optimize and extend WiCheck to address your unique set of use cases and requirements

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