Free Wi-Fi is the #1 decision point for many travelers, even more than a free breakfast. Are you giving Wi-Fi the importance it demands?

We Understand YOU!

Ensure a minimum implied SLA under all circumstances
Implement a frictionless onboarding process for guests
Test the scalability of your Wi-Fi network when sudden surges occur
Validate peak performance with different user options
Ensure stability & security of the network under load
Assure acceptable Wi-Fi experience to all your guests for the most common applications

Alethea’s SWAT WiCheck product line helps you validate the user experience at scale. We help you understand the points of friction that customers face when using your WiFi network. From the log in process to streaming videos on YouTube, we quantify user experience. This helps you understand what are the issues in your network even before customers turn up in numbers.

SWAT WiCheck Lite

SWAT WiCheck 6 LinA

SWAT WiCheck V0200

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Wi-Fi is now a necessity in the hospitality industry. Guests judge their overall experience by the availability of good quality Wi-Fi connections. 

This is even more so when your target includes the business traveler. The expectation is a stable, secure connection, available in the entire property. When there are conferences and events, the demand on the network should not affect the implied SLA. 

Wherever they are, guests expect uninterrupted connectivity. They are always online, and they should not feel any drop in service quality. Bad Wi-Fi can easily earn you bad reviews.

Avoid all this and unexpected trouble by partnering with us to ensure a happy customer experience.