Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks

In a modern Enterprise, Wi-Fi Networks can’t afford any slip in performance. How do you ensure high-performing Enterprise Wi-Fi?

We Know Your Challenges

We know your challenges from the years we have supported the leading OEMs and chip vendors in the Wi-Fi ecosystem optimize their cutting edge features and performance improvements

Quality of experience needs to be a pleasant surprise for the end users. All scenarios from the connection process to traffic to disconnection should be smooth and stable. Test it all in your deployed network before real users come in

Understand that the decisions you make about access points and network elements are not easily reversible. Test and benchmark every element and the entire network before you deploy – mix instability & unreliability

Recreate the enterprise scenarios and fix the issues before users face them. Whether it is a combination of different applications, video conferencing at scale or high quality video streaming, we can help model your work environment

Test sudden spikes in scale and traffic. Enterprise networks should be able to handle providing high performance, sudden scale, and unexpected security scenarios. Test it all with a single platform 

Whether it is captive portals for guests or WPA3 enterprise for internal users and VPN based connectivity for WFH employees, WiCheck has it all covered for testing the security / authentication topology you have deployed

End to End Wi-Fi Testing Solution for Enterprise Networks

WiCheck emulates large number of Wi-Fi devices, which can be programmed to connect and behave like real devices in your network, and run real applications at scale. WiCheck based testing helps to ensure – with ease & precision that your network can handle the real world, as you designed it to.

SWAT WiCheck Lite

SWAT WiCheck 6 LinA

SWAT WiCheck V0200

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