With the ever-increasing number of users connecting to Access points (APs) and the demand for seamless connectivity, leading AP companies have faced challenges in sustaining peak loads for extended durations. Acknowledging the pressing concerns faced by the industry, leading access point companies have been proactive in addressing issues related to peak performance. In the past, APs struggled to sustain peak loads over extended periods, resulting in intermittent disruptions for users. However, a lot of effort put in testing and improving stress & stability, has brought significant improvements, allowing leading APs to withstand peak loads for up to 48 hours—a marked improvement from just a year ago.

While stability has undoubtedly improved, certain weak points persist, especially in scenarios where APs handle maximum capacity, run multiple radios in parallel, and encounter a mix of heavy load traffic, over a long sustained duration for multiple days. Such situations can lead to performance bottlenecks and compromise the user experience.

Alethea Communication has developed the WiCheck Stress & Stability Test Pack to cater to the specific needs of leading access point companies. This comprehensive testing solution evaluates the AP’s capabilities under various challenging scenarios and ensures its performance is sustained even under heavy load conditions.


Key Features of WiCheck Stress & Stability Test Pack


  • Simultaneous Connection Test: WiCheck rigorously tests access points with 200+ clients connected simultaneously. This real-world simulation helps identify potential performance issues and ensures seamless connectivity even with a large number of users.
  • Multi-Band Performance Assessment: The test pack assesses the AP’s performance across all bands, including 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz, to guarantee optimal performance across various frequency spectrums.
  • Peak Load Performance Evaluation: WiCheck stresses the AP under peak load conditions to determine its ability to sustain maximum capacity for an extended duration. 
  • Concurrent Application Testing: The testing pack evaluates the AP’s capability to handle different applications concurrently, including FTP, VOIP, video streaming, and more. This ensures smooth operation even when multiple applications are in use simultaneously.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Traffic Mix: WiCheck simulates real-world scenarios by mixing different QoS traffic, replicating the diversity of traffic encountered in practical environments.
  • Long-Term Stability Analysis: The test is conducted for an extended duration to analyze the AP’s stability over an extended period, ensuring reliability and consistent performance over time.


The surge in users connecting to access points has raised concerns over peak performance and sustained load capacity for leading access point companies. By rigorously testing APs with large numbers of clients, assessing performance across all bands, evaluating peak load capacity, and conducting real-world application scenarios, WiCheck ensures that leading APs can meet the demands of modern wireless connectivity. 

The focus on testing has brought about significant improvements in Stress & Stability dimension, but handling maximum capacity, multiple parallel radios and a mix of heavy load traffic remains a concern. To assist in Stress & Stability testing, Alethea Communication has introduced WiCheck – a Stress & Stability Test Pack aimed at addressing these pain points and ensuring the optimal performance of APs under demanding conditions.


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