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Full proof testing of your product’s functionality, stability, performance and reliability. Ensure increased efficiency and uncompromised end-user experience.

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Ensure your product rollout meets user expectations. Don’t be caught unawares when a new software upgrade or a new version of the product fail to match the level of expectation you have set
Reduce quality-of-experience surprises in the field. You have already defined your brand through your product and service quality. Any nasty surprises directly impact your brand equity and very quickly, your bottom line
Limit the cost of reverse logistics from stability and reliability issues. When you roll out a new release and customers report an issue, you should be able to reproduce and fix the issue without cost of logistics, support and downtime
Recreate and fix issues seen in the field faster. With the ability to scale, run real applications, superb stability, and behave like real devices, WiCheck helps you model and run scenarios with just a few clicks 
Create ready to execute campaigns for benchmarking, end to end testing, sanity, and functionality. Take advantage of Alethea’s customization and services options to build your own unique test infrastructure
Verify end to end systems work as expected at scale – in lab & field. Test every element in your infrastructure that impacts user experience. With real-device like behavior, WiCheck 6 can test your deployed system end to end 

Assessing the user experience provided by you as a SERVICE PROVIDER continues to be a challenge. Ensuring that the functionality you promise is delivered will decide your business success. To understand the stability and reliability of your Wi-Fi offering, you need to test the possibility of a maximum performance, maintained over weeks. Your end users are not predictable. In real life, this translates to the need for a solid verification of the myriad use cases that you expect to see in the field. With Alethea’s tailored Solution portfolio,  Service Providers can expect to minimize all these and reproduce issues reported in the field.

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Service Providers are going through the rollout of two new technologies within the same year. Unique technical challenges await as you upgrade to the next generation – Wi-Fi 6 & 5G – where underlying standards, products, and designs continue to evolve and mature. To add complexity in the offering, 5G will be deployed, initially, with Wi-Fi as the front end technology.

Expectations set by the industry are quite high. Any glitch in user experience at rollout will damage your existence, long term. That includes performance as well as stability – multi gig throughput for weeks at a time. It becomes imperative that the end-to-end user experience is fully validated before real users come on board. As the technology matures, there will be a surge in demand of support from the user base.