Public Networks

Staying connected is now part & parcel of the public space experience. How would the network hold up with the scale of users, transient nature of connections & the mix of traffic flowing through?

Your Challenges

How will the network manage surges of connections?
Meeting SLAs across different locations
User experience with specific popular applications
Ensuring easy on-boarding for different categories of users
How will transient users affect the network?
Stability of the network under extended use

Assessing the user experience provided by Public Wi-Fi networks continues to be a high priority challenge. Ensuring that the functionality you promise is delivered will decide the future of your business success. To understand the stability and reliability of your Wi-Fi offering, you need to test the possibility of a maximum performance, maintained over weeks. Your end users are not predictable. In real life, this translates to the need for a solid verification of the myriad use cases that you expect to see in the field. With Alethea’s tailored Solution portfolio, Public Wi-Fi Service Providers can expect to minimize all these and reproduce issues reported in the field.

SWAT WiCheck Lite

SWAT WiCheck 6 LinA

SWAT WiCheck V0200

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Wi-Fi connections in public spaces are about four aspects:

1. Availability: Is Wi-Fi available for so many customers?

2. Connectivity: How easy and how fast can the clients connect?

3. Performance: Is the user experience meeting expectation?

4. Stability: Is the connection stable?

Failure to deliver on any of these would definitely affect the brand value of the location.