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Validating the user experience at scale with a comprehensive feature set ensures that you are well set to validate functionality, performance for the latest Wi-Fi technologies (including Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax), Wi-Fi 6E))

We KNOW You & Your Challenges

Validate new Wi-Fi 6/6E feature set
Test products at scale
Understand how popular applications work after rollout
Ensure security aspects work as expected
Verify the stability of the product – given the newness of the technology
Reproduce issues reported in the field

Reproduce issues reported in the field

Alethea’s SWAT WiCheck product line helps you validate the user experience at scale. A web based, well designed UI makes it easy for you to use, while the architecture ensures a smooth integration with existing test topologies, systems and frameworks. The simple licensing model we offer makes it easy to acquire. And of course, not to forget the comprehensive feature set. You need a partner who can work with you to address your unique test requirements, without breaking the bank.

SWAT WiCheck Lite

SWAT WiCheck 6 LinA

SWAT WiCheck V0200

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If you are in the Wi-Fi space, this is a year of excitement and challenges. Your Wi-Fi 6 portfolio gives you a real reason to go back to the market. Wi-Fi 6 marks a paradigm shift in terms of technology. With OFDMA, effective MU-MIMO, WPA3 (though not technically part of Wi-Fi 6), TWT, Dynamic Fragmentation and BSS Coloring, Wi-Fi will reach a new level of performance and efficiency.