Wi-Fi Legacy(Wi-Fi 5/4/3/2/1)

Though 802.11 ax (Wi-Fi 6) Access Points  and devices are available in the market, 99% of the existing devices are still using legacy technologies. Eneterprise devices are on 802.11 ac (Wi-Fi 5), IoT devices are on 802.11 n (Wi-Fi 4), medical devices may still use 802.11 b (Wi-Fi 1) standard. When you have mix of clients in the real world, it’s important to test and validate your access points in the lab with mixed mode clients (a/b/g/n/ac/ax).

Wi-Fi is critical. Billions of devices use it across the world. Whether you’re a Wi-Fi access point maker, a chip vendor, an operator or an enterprise you have to make sure that your Wi-Fi products, networks and solutions simply works.

Alethea’s products and solutions empower the entire Wi-Fi ecosystem to deliver the performance expected by the end-users. Even as Wi-Fi technology evolves to meet the new demands from the market, your legacy devices and solutions still need to work. We are with you on that front. 

Products that validate legacy Wi-Fi Access Points 

WiCheck V0200

WiCheck Lite

Packet injection with WiCheck

WiCheck 6 D2A


Application Experience

Your customers experience your product via applications, not via measurement tools. So test with applications

What can be tested?


TR 398

Test your home access point via WBA recommended TR398 suite – extend/adapt the scenarios as required with access to scripts



With WiFi 6 access points supporting ever more clients, you need to increase the scale of legacy clients too that are used for tests



New Access Points should also be to provide rock steady services to old legacy devices. Test it with a single built-in test scenario  



Test all security options from Open to WPA3 Enterprise, Captive Portals, and VPN. Test Connections with security at scale


Industry specific test packs

Whether it is an In-flight Entertainment system or a 4G/5G based CPE, Alethea can provide you off-the-shelf test scenarios

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