One Access Point or a full Network, Alethea’s WiCheck 6 is the test system you need.

Bangalore, India- 13th October, 2021- Alethea Communications Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a leading broadband and networking test equipment company recently announced that their market-leading WiCheck 6 test platform can now scale to more than 2500 test clients and real devices running multiple real applications.

Alethea’s WiCheck test platform is a modular and programmable multi-client simulator that can test real user experience, scale, stability, functionality, and security of Wi-Fi access points and end-to-end networks using 2500+ emulated & real devices. Customers can use the WiCheck test platform in labs and field to replicate the real-world scenarios and resolve issues if any, in meeting the end-user expectations. WiCheck runs 40+ real applications with exhaustive security options, automation, reporting, and executes complex real-life scenarios.

Speaking about the upgraded solution that Alethea has released, Chimbu K Aravind, CEO of Alethea Communications Technologies, said “One of the major reasons for customers to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 Access Points is higher client density that the technology supports. Test systems need to adapt to much higher client counts than was common during the Wi-Fi 5 days. Alethea is happy to announce that our Wi-Fi scale test solution WiCheck 6 can now scale 2500+ emulated clients to test entire WiFi networks.”

At Alethea, they combine different types of test elements into a single system. The most powerful, from a scale and functionality perspective, is WiCheck 6. Each WiCheck 6 Radiohead is capable of up to 300+ stateful emulated clients. Multiple radioheads can be combined to emulate 2500+ spatially distributed, stateful emulated clients. Based on WiCheck Distributed Device Architecture (D2A), it provides the freedom to start small and scale as per the customer’s test requirements. It consists of a dedicated traffic generator/controller and different radio elements that can be spatially distributed. This allows customer devices to be tested with emulated and multi-radio models combined with real devices. WiCheck protects investments from rapid changes in technology. Whether it is OFDMA, TWT, or an upgrade to Wi-Fi 6E, all of these can be executed for their customers.

We want to ensure that customers enjoy the lowest Total Cost of Ownership as they upgrade their test infrastructure to support Wi-Fi 6 and 6E. Our products offer the highest scale, the widest user-experience focused feature set, and the lowest per client cost of any Wi-Fi scale test system in the market at the moment, said Rajesh Puthiya Kunnan, Director, Sales at Alethea Communications Technologies.”

About Alethea Communications Technologies

Alethea helps bring the next-generation wireless technology products and networks to market faster with their easy-to-use and easy-to-scale test and measurement solutions. Alethea is known for its customer-focused approach with an emphasis on recreating & validating end-user scenarios. Close coordination with market leaders in the broadband space, and the ability to quickly introduce new technologies help deliver the best value to their customers.

Alethea’s WiCheck 6 scale test system features support for more than 2500+ clients (including emulated, multi-radio and real devices), ease of use, exhaustive functionality, comprehensive reporting, combined with the ability to run real stateful applications and user profiles. This helps their customers create and run real-world scenarios with minimal effort and validate what end-users experience.

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Press Contact- Neha Shaw