WiCheck RH 6E

WiCheck RH 6E can simultaneously test your access points across 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands, with its 3 independent radios. Each radio is capable of generating up to 64 emulated clients. Wi-Fi 6E emulated clients are all capable of utilizing the 160MHz channels in the 6GHz band to deliver multi-gigabit throughputs and low latency connections.
WiCheck combines RH 6E radio-module with the capability to run real applications, providing the perfect tool to recreate the real-world high density scenarios for testing your Wi-Fi 6E Network. You can stack multiple WiCheck RH 6E modules with other WiCheck radio modules, to create larger and more diverse loads to test your Wi-Fi 6E network. You can reach up to 1536 clients by stacking 8 RH 6Es.
WiCheck RH 6E

What do you want to test?

We cover everything that you want to test and ensure superior end user experience

Real Apps

Triple play, Gaming, Video Conferencing, Social Media


TR 398 (Issue 2)

Complete TR-398 tests with ability to edit scenarios for specifics



Test Wi-Fi Stability in the real world high density environments

Mesh Networks

Customized mesh test solution addressing functionality & scale


Simple and advanced roaming scenarios with metrics

Rate Vs Range

Complete solution for RvR testing. Ability to test OTA or in Chamber


Validate under real world usage sceanrios with real apps & scale



Understand field issues ahead of customers at scale with ease


Verify Peak Performance

Wi-Fi 6/6E test solution portends speed, higher bandwidth and lower latency and WiCheck 6 is built to test it. With support for 1024 QAM and up to 4/8 spatial streams, understand the limits of your Access Point


High Density of Clients

Any test system for Wi-Fi 6 testing should be able to validate scenarios with high density of distributed clients. Public  access & enterprise scenarios will involve up to 2500 clients. WiCheck 6’s distributed architecture is built for it


Linear Scaling

Whether testing a single Access Point or a full solution with multiple APs and controllers, WiCheck 6 scales up on demand without breaking the bank. Scale to 2500+ real & emulated clients in one go from a single interface

Advanced Features

WiCheck 6 is designed to validate all the new features that make Wi-Fi 6 awesome. When you need to validate BSS Coloring, TWT, or OFDMA at scale, WiCheck 6 will be ready

Easy Integration

 Integrate using  multiple options including Restful APIs. Test the way you want, not the way you are forced to. If you need, our services team can help you with custom APIs and the rest of the integration process

Ready to go Tests

WiCheck 6 comes with built in test packs to validate the performance and efficiency delivered by Wi-Fi 6 test solution. Upgrade your test cycle with minimal effort. Reports on Wi-Fi 6 OFDMA performance and TR-398 type scenarios need just a click

 WiCheck 6 Value Proposition

Wi-Fi 6 is all about efficiency & better speeds and providing speed to multiple users simultaneously. WiCheck 6 is a single platform that can support all your test needs flexibly and provide the coverage that you require to ensure a headache free roll out. Leverage Alethea’s WiCheck 6 to test your Wi-Fi 6 products with real life scenarios, at scale. 


User Friendly

Easy to use GUI , flexible, and extendable for new features


Built in automation framework & test cases, no additional license

Value Added Features

Support for new features, as you need them

Tests for the Real World

Runs real applications to recreate real world traffic

SWAT Professional Services

Alethea’s products come along with diverse options of customization. The variety of potential use cases requires very specialized services supported by on-ground experience and SWAT professional services address these.

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