Every commuter wants seamless connectivity. How do you ensure such Wi-Fi in transportation?


Ensure your product rollout meets commuter’s expectations
Reduce quality of experience surprises for the commuters
Limit the cost of reverse logistics from stability and reliability issues
Recreate the Wi-Fi scenarios and fix issues seen in the transportation Wi-Fi faster
Provide highly secured Wi-Fi network with smooth login process
Verify end to end systems work as expected at scale – in lab & field

Wi-Fi is a savior, when passengers are traveling a long distance for a long time. Passengers expect seamless, reliable, fast and secured Wi-Fi all the time. Providing such Wi-Fi service not only improves the passenger experience but allow them to use the travel time for their work & increase their productivity.

Alethea’s SWAT WiCheck range of products helps you in every stage of network development to ensure that you get what you design.

SWAT WiCheck Lite

SWAT WiCheck 6 LinA

SWAT WiCheck V0200

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Market research reports predict that the transportation segment of the market is projected to grow at one of the highest rates. The growth of this segment can be attributed to the increased use of Wi-Fi as a service by the transportation for the effective distribution & storage, communication, and real-time tracking of products and vehicles.

The development of intelligent transportation solutions and services has increased the demand for cloud managed Wi-Fi services. These services ensure uninterrupted connectivity. The availability of Wi-Fi as a service in public transport results in enhanced passenger experience and increased customer satisfaction. 

Leverage Alethea’s expertise to solve these challenges and stay ahead of the game.