Wi-Fi Experience Lab

With the widespread deployment of 802.11ax, 802.11ac Wave 2 access points and devices across the industry, the general expectation from users is that they can now stream movies at Gigabit speeds. The limits that multiple users and applications impose on user experience are lost in the marketing and hype. Network equipment vendors, however, need to verify how close to expectations can they deliver – how close to claims will the real world performance be.

What Can Be Tested In Wi-Fi Experience Lab?

State of the art, high-density environment for evaluating Network performance


AP is stressed overnight with maximum number of clients 

High Density Test

Check the KPIs like throughput, latency with maximum clients allowed

Signal Level Tests

Checks throughput at various Signal Levels

Application Performance Test

Run real applications like YouTube, VideoStreaming, Multicast Streaming, VoIP

Noise/Interference Test

Check working with Medium levels of Wi-Fi and White Noise

Roaming Test

Test the performance while moving -Movement between Main to Extender Unit


Check the performance of AP with various devices with different chipset & OS


Understand the performance of your AP against competiton

Alethea brings together its experience of developing scale test solutions and deep domain knowledge in media analysis, device testing and communications products development to design, plan and execute benchmarking tests for wireless products and networks. Alethea allows you to assess your product’s performance against your own specifications and design, and against the competition.

 Alethea’s approach involves working closely with our customers to understand the key elements to be validated and then independently and scrupulously testing the access points to help them identify their weaknesses with respect to their competition. By taking complete control of the logistics, resources, infrastructure and devices under test, we ensure an impartial assessment of the real world experience when 10s to 100s of users use the system.

Value Proposition Of Wi-Fi Experience Lab


Multi-OS devices

Lab has 100+ devices of different OS to check interoperability

Develop Test Plan

Works along with customer to develop right test plan

Value Added Features

Support for new features, as you need them

Tests for the Real World

Runs real applications to recreate world real traffic

SWAT Professional Services

Alethea’s products come along with diverse options of customization. The variety of potential use cases requires very specialized services supported by on-ground experience and SWAT professional services address these.

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