Platforms: WiCheck V0200

WiCheck Lite

WiCheck D2A 802.11ac/n Radioheads

Release: 4.8

Subversion:   RC2 (For 802.11 ac/n Radioheads)

RC3 (For WiCheck V0200 / WiCheck Lite)

New Features & Enhancements:

  1. Card type as Badges
    The card type (AC or N) is added next to the card number in the UI as an easy identification of the card type.
  2. Application Packet Replay (APR) improvements and addition of new traffic “Strike of Kings” (Beta)
    It now includes:
  • Average inter-packet interval time in reference pcap (ms)
  • DL/UL Latency
  • Jitter
  • Adjustments for processing time
  • WPA3 Security Types:

     Added support for WPA3 security types mentioned below-

  • WPA3 Enterprise-Transition – CCMP/GCMP

  Note: Previous versions already supported

  • WPA3 open
  • WPA3 personal
  • WPA3 Enterprise-128-CCMP/GCMP
  • WPA3 Enterprise-192-CCMP/GCMP
  • WPA3 Enterprise only – CCMP/GCMP
  • Roaming Time and Message Improvements
  • Following changes are made to the roaming report
    • Display the roaming time for each client in the Status message
    • To avoid miscalculation of roam time, the timestamp is not updated for GROUP_HANDSHAKE to COMPLETED state change, if the last state change is COMPLETED to GROUP_HANDSHAKE

Κnown Issues Resolved:

  1. Unable to connect clients after swapping the 802.11n Radiohead with 802.11ac Radiohead in the same port
  2. Unable to export the WiCheck logs from AC/N Radioheads in WiCheck 6.
  3. mDNS register traffic issue
  4. Export Traffic: Erroneously exporting previously configured traffic
  5. Disk was full due to log rotate algorithm issue
  6. Command provided to delete the traffic logs per group
  7. Speedtest external traffic support.
  8. WPA3_CCMP settings is not getting saved
  9. In Multiflow_iperf3_UDP_Dl traffic report is showing “NA”
  10. SIP_conference changes is not present with in-built Asterisk


  1. Following list of Traffics are deprecated and license for these will be disabled 

– DITG, CounterStrike, DNS, Quake3, Telnet and Youtube

  1. The group-wise graph doesn’t work for UDP
  2. Linkedin traffic’s login procedure has changed, so existing procedures won’t work.
  3. Connect_all / disconnect_all can’t show back any errors because it is a trigger and leave command
  4. facebook_internal, qq_music_internal,tiktok_internal are recommended to be run with a maximum of 32 clients only.
  5. It is not recommended to run traffic packet injection along with any other traffic.
  6. Packet injection max pcap file size is limited to 500MB
  7. SIP conference does not work with the internal Asterisk server. Will continue to work with external Asterisk server
  8. The below listed traffic does not support MAC Binding, where all clients are bound to the same IP address. 

UAPSD_VO, BITtorrent, DRM video, video_streaming_multicast, tcp_conv_replay, Custom

Note: This is a special requirement from certain operators and does not impact the same traffic under standard IP-MAC binding rules.

  1. OpenVPN works ONLY with TAP type of tunnel. TUN type will not work
  2. WEP security is not currently working.
  3. Robot script with youtube template (youtube_template.txt) will not work, since the traffic type “Youtube streaming” has been deprecated.

  Please use Youtube_SIM instead (youtube_SIM.txt)