Customer is a leading supplier of IoT sensors, wanted to increase the productivity of their test teams with an innovative test framework


In IoT world, devices are multiple and distributed. Each team works on different devices and comes up with different automation frameworks. It’s not an efficient approach to have different automation frameworks for different technologies and test methodologies. Customer wanted to come up with an effective solution which can be used across teams with universal testing methodology

How did we help

The solution that we provided to our customer is a versatile test automation framework, used to test systems which consist of one or more devices. We extracted the framework from our existing product as a separate module and adapted it to the customer requirement.  Our framework can work with any devices or sensors having Wired(USB/UART/Ethernet) or Wireless controller interface. With minimal effort, the customer can deploy the same system across multiple teams.

Value proposition

  • Reduction in testing time
  • Easy to test across teams with one framework
  • Increased productivity

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