Customer is a Well Known Access Point Manufacturer who was unable to recreate field issues in the lab. With WiCheck, they identified and solved 10+ critical issues in 2 weeks


The company was faced with multiple issues related to stability and load from the field. They were challenged to reproduce the issues in the lab because their existing test infrastructure was not designed to faithfully model real users. The Customer needed test cases with real applications to stay running irrespective of the status of the Access Point

How did WiCheck help

WiCheck can generate up to 256 real clients and can run real traffic. This allowed the customer to run their test cases for weeks at a time at full load. Such sustained testing exposed bugs that were normally identified only in the field. 10+ new issues were identified within 2 weeks of time and established WiCheck as the go-to tool for stability and functionality testing within the organization.

Value Proposition

  • Quick ramp up from delivery to sustained use
  • Ease of modeling real world usage
  • High Return On Investment