Perfecting Broadband Experience

Alethea’s Test and Measurement products help customers from diverse industries accelerate the development, validation and deployment of broadband technologies worldwide


Products That Help Deliver An Uninterrupted Wi-Fi User Experience

SWAT WiCheck 6

Test your Wi-Fi 6 solutions & ensure the performance promised in high-density scenarios

SWAT WiCheck LinA

Test your Wi-Fi 6 OFDMA UL/DL, MU-MIMO UL/DL at scale in your LAB over the air or in a chamber


Simplify the scale test of Wi-Fi 6 / Wi-Fi 6E solutions with real devices

SWAT WiCheck V0200

Test your Wi-Fi access point for scalability, performance, stability & functionality

SWAT WiCheck Lite

Test Wi-Fi anywhere & everywhere. Take advantage of mobility, flexibility, power

SWAT WiNE (Coming Soon)

Test your Wi-Fi devices for functionality, interoperability, user experience and more

Accelerate Development Of Your Networks And Devices With Alethea’s Wi-Fi Testing Solutions


SWAT products help to solve the Wi-Fi testing problems across multiple industries in the eco system

Wi-Fi Experience Lab

State of the art, multi-OS, high-density environment for evaluating Wi-Fi Network performance


Leverage our expertise in wireless technologies to get the maximum value out of our SWAT Wi-Fi testing products

Test As A Service

Test, validate and ensure your Wi-Fi  user experience with our Test As A Service (TaaS) option

What You Can Expect From Us?

Scalability from Wi-Fi 6 to Wi-Fi 6E

SWAT WiCheck’s modular & distributed architecture gives you the freedom to start small & scale to 2500+ mixed clients. It protects your investments from rapid changes in technology. Whether it is OFDMA, TWT or a future upgrade to Wi-Fi 6E, we have you covered

Real Applications

User experience is about understanding user profiles and optimizing your network elements. WiCheck runs 10s of real applications at scale – from 8K video streams to AR / VR / Gaming and video conference calls – to help verify your Wi-Fi solutions


Verify the end to end performance of your network – from connection times, captive portals, VPN throughputs and voice call capabilities – at scale with a single platform. Replicate real world scenarios in the lab & understand the SLAs you plan to guarantee

Ready Test Cases / TR398

The focus of every test team is productivity. SWAT WiCheck builds in 160+ test cases – including all TR-398 test caes – that can be executed out of the box without any additional licenses. You can be productive and test all basic scenarios within minutes of unboxing

Mesh Testing

With Work From Home becoming the norm, ability to test mesh scenarios for enterprise level stability, functionality & performance is important. WiCheck platform is an all-in-one package including chambers & test cases to validate your mesh offering end-to-end

Real Device Control

Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E are relatively new and interoperability is a key test challenge. Managing 10s of 100s of real devices and coordinating them in scale test scenarios is difficult. WiCheck 6 can manage and coordinate real clients & emulated clients from a single interface 

Our Easy To Use Wi-Fi Test Solutions Are Widely Used Across Industries

Leading Chip Vendors In The Wi-Fi Eco System Completely Rely On WiCheck To Test Wi-Fi User Experience At Scale

All Top 5 OEMs / Access Point Makers Use Alethea’s Wi-Fi testing solution For Their End-To-End Wi-Fi Access Point Testing Including Their DPI Systems, Security Servers 

Top 5 Wi-Fi Service Providers Test The End User Experience In Their Labs Using Alethea’s Wi-Fi Testing Equipment

Leading In-flight Wi-Fi providers,  Public Transport Wi-Fi Providers and Airlines Test Wi-Fi Connectivity At Scale To Meet Their SLAs

Some of Our Happy Customers

Test, Validate And Ensure Wi-Fi User Experience At Scale

Reduce time and effort to test Alethea’s Wi-Fi products at scale with our simple, easy to use automated test solutions.