Test Wi-Fi LinA Performance with WiCheck LinA 6E

The Broadband industry is moving towards products that support WiFi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E though Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 4 are still the predominant legacy technologies. Having the same advanced features of Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard, Wi-Fi 6E expands into the 6 GHz wireless band, which has more capacity with up to 14 additional 80  MHz channels and 7 additional 160 MHz channels, making it one of the biggest upgrades in the last 20 years. Lack of any sort of interference in the newly unlocked spectrum has made it one of the most exciting and transformative changes to the Wi-Fi landscape in recent times!  

WiCheck LinA 6E

What do you want to test?

LinA along with WiCheck RH covers all Wi-Fi LinA 6E test cases at scale.

OFDMA testing

Maximum throughput

6 GHz Band channels & Regional Settings

Band Steering


OFDMA Sniffing


Max client count support


OFDMA Implementation

Being a part of Wi-Fi 6 standard, OFDMA requires major scheduling techniques to be delivered in highly complex and critical network deployments. Know about your OFDMA implementation with a single click.


Linear Scaling

You may need 8 clients for your initial OFDMA test, but you may need 74 in the end. WiCheck LinA 6E allows you to add units as needed and scale up to match your requirements.


Complement Scale Testing

WiCheck LinA 6E is a component of the WiCheck 6 platform that enables you to assess OFDMA capability in both a scale and a mixed client environment.

WiCheck Features

LinA is equipped with 12 Real WiFi LinA 6E clients. Clients are now based on the Intel AX210 chipset, however LinA variants based on several vendor chipsets are on the horizon.

Low Cost

When it comes to specialised OFDMA testing, WiCheck LinA 6E offers excellent value for money. The cost of upgrading existing WiCheck 6 users is modest.

Additions and Upgrades

Each release adds new applications, features, test cases, and reports to LinA 6E, so you won’t have to wait long to test every feature you add to your product.

Value Proposition of WiCheck LinA 6E

With 6GHZ channel support, and 150+ Built-in test cases, WiCheck LinA 6E is designed to test your Wi-Fi LinA 6E products with real-life scenarios. Key new technologies of interest include WPA3 SAE and Open, 802.11ai, band steering, advanced roaming and of course OFDMA and maximum throughputs. Our comprehensive WiCheck LinA 6E product delivers both the speed and latency required to meet the most strenuous data demands in a highly congested environment.

WiCheck LinA 6E works as part of the WiCheck 6 D2A topology and integrates client functionality & traffic with multi-user OFDMA packet capture capabilities in a single platform, making it a very compelling, one-stop solution for validating Wi-Fi LinA 6E products. Built-in reports along with a host of test cases that cover most common scenarios will help you validate with a single click and a single glance if you are meeting the expectations of your customers. WiCheck 6 D2A system emulates 1000+ clients (mix of latest Wi-Fi 6 and/or legacy), 90+ OFDMA capable clients, and controls 100+ real devices.


User Friendly

Comes with same easy to use GUI as other WiCheck line of products. 


Built in automation framework & test cases with no additional license

Value Added Features

OFDMA, MU-MIMO, Band steering, Load balancing & more can be tested

Tests for the Real World

Runs real applications to recreate real world traffic

Professional Services

Alethea’s products come along with diverse options of customization. The variety of potential use cases requires very specialized services supported by on-ground experience and professional services address these.

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