In the 21st century, Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our daily routine needed in every sector of industry. Wi-Fi as a technology introduced in the early 2000s has grown with each passing day and is evolving rapidly. With initial speeds from 100kbps in the early 2000s Wi-Fi can generate a speed of Gbps in seconds from anywhere in the world.

With Wi-Fi, information is available at our fingerprints and has made our lives easier and faster. Information can be accessed from any part of the world within seconds.

With the rapid growth of Wi-Fi in all industries, the connectivity inside the aircraft is still not up to the mark. That is why many experts say that it is the market of the 21st century and has valued it at 5.5 billion dollar market in 2022 which is expected to increase by 15% in the next few years.

Connecting to the internet from an aircraft for a decade was something we had only imagined, thanks to the evolving technology we are now able to get good and better connections throughout the journey. Even though the time of journey and spacious seats are a concern, the Wi-Fi connectivity in the last few years has certainly improved.

Many of the market leaders are investing in InFlight connectivity as there is a high increase in high-definition streaming, data-loaded applications and connected networks everywhere. In the  past few years, many carriers have started to deploy inflight Wi-Fi to their fleets to make the overall flight experience better.

With the high demand and need for Wi-Fi, it has become a must to have Wi-Fi on planes. Installing Wi-Fi in planes takes a lot of time, effort and testing at scale to provide the best flight experience to all its customers.

Before deployment, it is very necessary to test the performance and experience of the Wi-Fi and so testing at scale is a mandatory process to make sure that it caters to a large number of users at a single point in time. Therefore testing at scale ensures all the problems can be looked at and the best Wi-Fi with the best performance can be installed in the aircraft.

The deployment can be done as per the requirement after the large-scale testing to provide a high-quality connection to all the users without any interruption.

At Alethea Communication technologies, we test inflight Wi-Fi at scale before the deployment process to make sure that all the users get a seamless connection for a memorable flight journey.

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